Between 2014 and 2017, PIARA worked as a small team of directors, collaborators, and students pursuing a variety of projects. These included survey and artifact analysis, community heritage, museum, and education activities, and improving the curation of our archaeological materials. Learn more by visiting our Facebook Page and Blog.

2014-2017 Project members included:

Hualcayán community members

Elizabeth Cruzado Carranza

Robert Connolly

Rebecca E. Bria

Leodan Abanto Alejo Valerio

Emily Sharp

Karissa Deiter

M. Elizabeth Grávalos

Erick L. Casanova Vasquez

Carrie Havrilla

Corey Bowen

Bryan Núñez Aparcana

Joe Cronin

Hannah McAllister

Elizabeth Granley

Brian McCray

All PIARA artwork, photos, and web and flyer designs are copyright © Rebecca E. Bria